grannies and wild raspberries

Hello!  So, not much making in the past couple months. But hey, I finally finished what I call the Retro afghan. It's retro cos of the color, avocado green. I wanted to make a granny blanket that looked like a granny made it. It looked a little dull, so I added some little centers of light pink to the big squares. I like it. It looks like something I'd find at a yard sale. 

retro in progress

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But, wait, there's more.  I started on a shawl with this beauteous yarn Mountain Colors Half Crepe in Wild Raspberry colorway. It's a fingering boucle yarn that at first I tried to knit, but it looked dreary and dark. But lo!  When crocheted, those colors started to emerge....
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practice cake

 Last night my final project from cake class debuted at a birthday dinner. Ta da...

Everything's a little wonky wobbly-- but the dinner guests didn't seem to mind! I just need more practice. The writing turned out well. I forgot to do the writing first and ran out of room to write "Jenny" oops! So ended up writing her name above "Happy". When Jenny cut her cake, she cut a big ol rectangular slice around the word Happy, and ate that word all herself. :D

Here are some other student projects from our last of the super-intense cake classes this past week:
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As soon as this one is eaten up and cleared out of my fridge, I'm making a red velvet cake. :D

homework cake

I'm taking a cake decorating class at Michaels craft store, and geez, I've been up late every night baking! 

Here's my homework cake that I made on Monday night. I didn't even know if I had cake pans! I made it from the Duncan Hines butter cake mix, grabbed from the shelf of Safeway 9pm at night...It was a whirlwind in the kitchen, pans, ingredients, frosting everywhere! Over half the time I was cleaning cleaning cleaning, all for a golden brown circle.

The next day, I iced the cake in class. Oops, got some crumbs in there. And I didn't quite finish making the cupcake design on top, oh wells! 

homework cake

The answer to why am I taking a cake class? When I rarely bake and I'm not an avid fan of cake and cupcake shops and reality shows?

Well, number one, my little niece was supposed to take this class with me. But at the last minute, it turned out the cake class was the same dates as her going away on a vacation trip. But I jumped in and said to self: Self, why don't you take this class anyway. You've been feeling stuck and stymied creatively. This might be just the thing to get you interested in crafty stuff again.

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studio ghibli store goodness

 And now we take you to daydreams of Ghibli...

Did you see those figurines of "chicken feet" Ponyo? I thought I made out pretty good, not coming home with loads of stuff. I got a Ponyo pin, a Totoro phone charm, and Ponyo playing cards. What I really wanted was a tiny "chicken feet" Ponyo-- 900 yen, and a little bag full of her little sister fishes-- 1500 yen, but no way was I going to pay those prices! I was also allured by a miniature porcelain bathhouse and bridge from the movie Spirited Away. Typically my eyes get big and I think, "Whoa! Cool, I want that!" Then my other brain says,"What are you going to do with it? More stuff; you don't need it." Ergh.

maker faire 2010

Highlights of the faire for me (no particular order):
Meeting Yummy Pancake, amigurumi maker
Klein bottle hat knitting demo by Cookie
Winning a raffle! I got a blank journal
Kinetic art sculptures
Garlic fries with CRAB
Bazaar Bizarre browsing
Talking to people about their stuff
Making a paper dodecahedron, then getting the paper sculpture kit freeee
Getting a bundle of upholstery fabric to make stuff with freee
Fire sculptures, light sculptures
Steampunk contraptions

Downside to faire... wish you were there.

A slideshow of Maker Faire piccies...