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a hattifattener arrives

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Hattifatteners are freaksome little things that sprout from seeds. They smell like sulphur and burnt rubber. They cause static electricity, and if you are unfortunate to touch one, you’ll get a shock that makes your hair stand up.

They are created by writer/artist Tove Jansson.

This one was crocheted with glow-in-the-dark yarn. A magnet at the base helps it stand up. If I make a few more they can all hang out together on the top of the soup can. :D

-a few yards of Nightlights Glow in the Dark Yarn (available from Woolstock)
-size E crochet hook
-small magnet
-6 mm pair googly eyes
-fabric glue
-little bit of polyfill or white yarn scraps for stuffing

It's just a little tube, about 3 inches high.

Use magic loop, and sc 5. (For puppet, ch 11, sk 1 and sc 10. Go to Round 3.)
Round 1: 2 sc in each st.
Round 2: Sc into back loop only of each st.
Round 3: Sc around.
Repeat 3 till it's the height you like.
Dec round: Sc2tog, sc 3, sc2tog, sc 3.
Last round: Sc2tog, finish off. Thread yarn needle with tail, draw through front loops only of remaining sts to close top.
Glue on googly eyes.

Make 3 of these:
Ch 9, finish off.
Thread yarn needle with tail and pull the chains through from one side of the hattifattener to the other.
Double knot the tails to the end chain and snip excess tail.
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Tags: amigurumi, crochet, finished object, toys

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