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Lorenz manifold - yer done!

3/4 rotation - 13 of 13

3/4 rotation - 9 of 13

Thank you to:
- Mark and Jorge for help with the finishing
- Fluxx for psychological support throughout  :D
- Dr. Osinga for the pattern

The manifold is now hanging in a corner of my living room where it twirls slowly around for the amusement of all. In the future, maybe I can take a video of it rotating. Until then, I made two slideshows: 3/4 rotation and full rotation. All the manifold photosets can be found here.

Good luck to all who are crocheting a manifold! I hope that you find my notes helpful. :0) I almost wish I had the yarn so to make another one in different colors. !!

Here are links to the previous blog posts:


Final mounting process notes:

With the invisible cord threaded through the hole, I created a triangle, wrapping the cord around the wire on both sides of the rod then tying 4 square knots. In these pictures you can also see the hole #2 threaded with cord to loop around a ceiling hook for hanging. The fabric was a little ruffly, so I steamed it a bit with a steam iron to even it out.

Lorenz manifold - finishing 5 Lorenz manifold - finishing 6


A look back....a copy of my project log:

3/31/08: With help, I've wired the manifold a second time and added a sort of support cross beam. I'm eager to share the final results in blog post soon.

3/16/08: Today I attempted following the weaving instructions in prep for wiring. After hours of this, I realized that I would have to **toss them** since the lines were off. Maybe b/c gauge is totally different. I then attempted to do the weaving lines **visually**. Very very very difficult! I now have suspicious as to why I have seen so few actually mounted manifolds...

3/13/08: Crochet complete. Requires wiring and rod down the center. 35.5" diameter (eta: I have to recheck). 47 rounds, 21,919 stitches. Damage: 7 extra balls of yarn.

3/9/08: Rnds 42-45 complete. 36" diameter. Purchased crochet thread, size 3 weight, in navy as a substitute for dark blue. Why did I not think of this before? $1.99 for 150 yds! It would have been less than half of the cost. I live and I learn.

3/6/08: Rnds 36-41 complete. Dagnabbit. Running out of yarn AGAIN. Will have to buy one more ball of Patons and substitute black for dk blue. @#$! ~5800 stitches remain. This project now gets a frowny face, but it really is an angry face. It actually requires nearly 2x the amount specified.

2/23/08: Rnds 1-35 complete. 11,058 stitches. 50% crochet done. 26" diameter. You can clearly see the concentration of increases in upper right quadrant.

2/18/08: Found generous Ravelry member to sell me 2 skeins dk blue. Now on rnd 34!

2/15/08: Ripped back to rnd 20. Switched from size B hook to larger C hook. Started again with med blue Patons Grace. Plan to do to 9 rnds in med blue/dk blue, 9 rnds in blue/dk blue, 9 rnds in med blue/dk blue. When I run out of yarn in the final rnds, I have in stash 1 skein black Grace and 1 skein red Catania.

2/10/08: Bad news. I may be short 2 skeins, 1 each color. Where am I going to get this yarn?? I'm switching to a bigger hook.

2/9/08: Completed rounds 1-24.

1/30/08: Completed rounds 1-10 and 871 stitches! Only 37 more rounds and 21,118 stitches to go. 10 inches diameter.

Stitch markers are my friends on this project. Will look really cool suspended from the ceiling.
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