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Ohina tawashi translation notes

I made this little Ohina tawashi doll (おひなタワシ) for the Tawashi Town CAL at Ravelry. (If you just came from there to here to look at my notes, then maybe you don't want to peek. It is more fun to learn how to "read" patterns in a foreign language by yourself. You can apply this experience to reading other patterns, too.) A tawashi is a scrubbie for washing dirt, or a sponge. But this little one is just for decoration since the yarns in mah stash aren't the right kind.

The pattern is here and is downloaded as a pdf by clicking the photo. It is written in Japanese. Here are couple of notes I have to help you with your lil' tawashi.

ETA 2/26/08: IMPORTANT. I have to preface this by saying I do not read Japanese AT ALL. These are just what I think the pattern means and I am by no means an expert. I'm just writing this cos I think it could be helpful. If I've made an error, I'd appreciate your comment so I can fix it.

You need 5 colors of yarn. A:dark color B:medium color C: cream D:light color E:black. The crochet hook size is 7.5/0 which is between a G and an H hook, I believe. The yarn weight is worsted.

The left hand top diagram shows that the finished piece's height and width, row and stitch count. The little squiggle down the center tells you that it is abbreviated to save space, that is, not all 48 stitches will appear in the chart.

The diagram to the right is for the "head", and below it is a table showing the colors of yarn for each row, to be read from the bottom row of the table upward. Row 1 is with C and row 2 is with E. The T with the slash through it is the symbol for double crochet. There are a couple of ways that you could do the head. I opted to chain 4, and make 5 dcs into the 4th chain from the hook for the first row. The three "unused" chains at the beginning count for one dc. For the second row you make two 3-dc decreases, then chain 18 for the loop.

The chart below the finished piece diagram is crochet symbols for the body. X means single crochet. X underlined means on RS work through back loops and on WS work through front loops.

The chart to the right of the body crochet symbols chart shows the order in which you will use the different color yarns. It is to be read from the bottom row up. Rows 1-4 are with A. Rows 5-6 are with B. Row 7 is with C. Row 8 is with D.

The bottom two diagrams show finishing instructions. I did not use the folding method in the diagram as it did not make sense to me. Instead I figured it out by looking at the photos of finished ones. She's a bit chubby, this scrubbie.

Have fun!
ETA: Updated the link to the pattern. (Thank you Ravelry!) The old link doesn't work anymore.

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