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Welcome dog pattern notes

The welcome dog amigurumi pattern available for free from the Gosyo yarn company website, which is written in Japanese. Here are my notes about the pattern. I'll post a photo of my completed dog tomorrow.

Pattern web page with color photos

Additional web page with color photos
English translation of pattern web page

Direct download of pattern pdf (B&W illustrated, no photos)

(For some reason, the pdf reads as a single huge page on my Mac, so I split the page into 4 pages using Crop function in Preview.)

I do not read Japanese. This is my interpretation of what the instructions mean.

Last revised December 26, 2007

Yarn...Gosyo's Pierrot [528] Yuttari soft acrylic yarn (about worsted weight)
   Main color - beige (col. 92)...50~60 grams
   Trousers color - reddish brown (col. 87)...30g
...Small amounts of:
   Muzzle color - white (col. 81)
   Foot pad color - pink (col. 83)
   Nose color - taupe (col. 91)

(Notions/Other materials)...
   Japanese Crochet Hook size 7/0 = U.S. size G, 4.00mm
   Tapestry needle
   Eyes - 10~18mm diameter black buttons...2 (required)
   Sign - 6mm diameter buttons - 5 (required)
   Sign and bandanna - white, black, and red felt

Gauge...single crochet 14 stitches and 15 rows

??? ...picture

You'll also need sewing needle and thread, stuffing, and twine for the sign.

I can't read the paragraph in the rectangular box. The first 6 words are: "head, ear, nose, body, arm, leg,"


For each body part there is a table. Notice that the crochet rounds start at the bottom row of the table. The +/- symbol before a number in parentheses is the number of stitches that you will increase/decrease in that round.

Row (round) numberStitches number
212 (+6 stitches)

The charts have circled numbers to mark the beginning of each round. Read the charts counter-clockwise starting from the number, just as you are crocheting counter-clockwise round the circle. You will not be joining rounds, but working in a continuous spiral.

X = single crochet.
V= sc 2 in the same stitch to increase
inverted V (sometimes slanted) = sc 2 stitches together to decrease
0 = chain stitch
A filled 0 on its side means finish off.

HEAD (1 piece)
Use main color throughout. To save space, the pattern designer didn't chart out full rounds in a circle after round 9. Follow the dashed lines to read the chart for each of the 6 sections in the "pie."  If you are using plastic eyes, insert before the head gets too small to reach inside.

On left side of page
MUZZLE/SNOUT (1 piece)
Use muzzle color/81 throughout.

On right side of page
NOSE (1 piece)
Use nose color/91 throughout. Follow the graphic guide and not the table. I got a bit confused here. Notice that round increases will be uneven, and most of the stitches are on one side of the nose. Increases in round 2 are every other stitch.

BODY (1 piece)
Rounds 1-15 are in trousers color/87. Rounds 16-26 are in main color/92. Rounds 19-26 repeat, 24 sc each round.

EARS (2 pieces)
Error in round 1 - should be 4 sc not 6 sc. Use main color/92 throughout.

Snuffykin says: Stuff the muzzle. Sew on the nose and stitch mouth lines. Sew muzzle to head. Sew/attach eyes to head. Stuff head. Sew ears to head. Sew body to head. As you make arms and legs, stuff as you go.

LEG (2 pieces)
Rounds 1-2 use foot pad color/83. Rounds 3-6 use main color/92. Rounds 7-12 use trousers color/87. Rounds 8-12 repeat, 13 sc each round.

On left side of page
TAIL (1 piece) Use main color/92 throughout.

On right side of page
ARM (2 pieces)
Rounds 1-2 use foot pad color /83. Rounds 3-22 use main color/92. Rounds 8-22 repeat, 10 sc each round.

Snuffykin says: Sew arms and legs to body.


The sign graphic is 9.5cm high and 14cm wide. Sew black felt rectangle onto slighly larger white felt rectangle. Stitch letters cut out from white felt onto black fabric. Add the 7mm buttons in the four corners. I think there's a note about using brown thread, but I can't be certain.

Dog is 25cm tall when seated. Use a piece of twine to hang sign around the neck.

Make bandanna, 28cm wide, with red fabric and 1 of the 7mm small buttons. 

Picture shows position of eyes, nose, and mouth stitching.  I don't know what 7 rows/rounds marking means. Maybe it is supposed to be the approximate distance between the eye and nose.
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