Tracy (snuffykin) wrote,

Moomin Village plush

Yesterday I found this cute Moomin plush on Amazon.  Next year I plan to make my own Snufkin and Moominpappa. Six years ago I made a Snufkin felt puppet, and started but didn't finish papier mache and marionette versions.

What are Moomins? moomins are whimsical creations of Finnish artist Tove Jansson, and to be found in books, comics, and cartoons. Snufkin is one of the characters in the moomin world-- a hobo, a happy wanderer, enemy of park-keepers and friend to Moomintroll.

There's even a Flickr group for moomin fans called Muumi. Moomin Village is a real place, too. I hope it's not like Hello Kitty Land.

I sometimes wish I were more like Snufkin, and went out exploring the wide world.
Tags: life, toys

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