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Primary knitting completed on Kaino vest

Today I finished knitting the right front of the Kaino vest, designed by Norah Gaughan in the Berroco book Vol. 1.  All that remains is the cap sleeves. Hurrah. I made it in Berroco Ultra Alpaca, color #6202. Hopefully I will do the finishing by the end of the weekend and be wearing it next week. Whew. I have so many projects I want to finish and make by the end of the year.

Here are pictures of the vest on the Berroco website. It is described as, "A long vest with ribbed shawl collar and rolled diminutive sleevecap is knit in Ultra Alpaca." The model in the picture is 5'10" tall, size 6 and wears the 34" size vest. I'm also 5'10" but I think I'm size 12, and I made the 38" vest. I will probably make the obi, Kaiju, also that is shown in the picture.

Knitting notes:

The back used up exactly 2 skeins. Each front was 1 1/2 skeins, with a tiny bit left over. So, I'm barely touching that 6th skein I bought for the cap sleeves. When I made the Kukka tunic from the same pattern book, I had an entirely unused skein of Ultra Alpaca Light left over.

After the 3 inches ribbing, instructions state to decrease evenly in St. st. I decided to only do the decreases in the purl recesses of the rib, as they are less visible than decreasing in the knit part of the rib which pops out.

Knitted an extra half inch of length to the first bind off for armhole. Knitted an extra half inch for armhole length. This was by accident, not design, on the back. So I had to do the fronts the same way. No worries, though.

Short-rowed the shoulders. After knitting up the wraps in the last row, I bound off with a scrap yarn. Temporary bind off: *K2tog, put RH st on LH needle, repeat from * to end. I will attempt to join front and back shoulders with 3-needle bind off later. Crossing fingers that it will look good.

Short-rowed the collars of the left and right fronts, then bound off with scrap yarn in temporary bind off. I will attempt to do double rib graft to join the tops of the collar pieces together behind the neck. Also, crossing fingers!

Two things bugged me about the quality of my knitting on this vest. First, the edge of my ribbing on the right front -- the knit stitches on every other row are bigger, despite my pulling the 2nd stitch tight at the beginning of the row. I will have to wobble them around to make them look more even.

The other thing is that frequently my stockinette is uneven and the taller stitches pop out from the surface. I've been assured that this will even out in blocking. I hope so. I'm just not good at doing even stockinette. Combination knitting makes it even worse.

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