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Midnight movie: Serenity

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I just got back from a midnight movie theatre screening of Serenity. The house was 3/4 full of cheerful fans when I walked in during the pre-show entertainment. Spotting someone I knew, I squeezed into the row and doffed my Jayne Cobb hat, shown in photo below. I heard someone behind me say, "I want a hat."

A spunky young lady, also wearing a knitted Jayne hat, played her guitar and sang the theme song to Firefly - "The Ballad of Serenity." Some of the audience joined in, but singing in public was too far for me to go for fandom!

Then there was a very funny singing contest between two men, dressed as Wash and Mal. They sang alternate lyrics to the "The Man They Call Jayne" with great aplomb and gestures! The audience voted "Wash" was better. The winner received a knitted Jayne hat and a handwritten note from Ma Cobb, which he read aloud in Jayne's character.

In the last part of the pre-show, contestants juggled goslings. This was a reference to Wash, who juggled goslings for fun in his youth. The audience again voted by clapping for their favorite. The winner received a Serenity DVD.

Without any leading trailers, the film started. And what a marvelously pristine print it was! No scratches, or pops or wiggly lines! I've seen it several times before, but not for many months. It's weird how I can anticipate every line, every joke, the inside jokes and trivia, and yet I still enjoy it. Judging from the reaction of the audience, they had seen it many times too, yet still laughed and gasped as if it were new.

This is the only time I ever wear my Jayne hat in public... for Serenity screenings. During the winter I wear it as a nightcap. It keeps my head nice and toasty as I sleep. :-)
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