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Albino whale amigurumi

I finished a whale amigurumi, from a free pattern downloaded from a Japanese website Pierrot. This is my first time following a pattern in Japanese. Fortunately, the chart is so clear, it is easy to follow.

Edit on 11/11: You'll find the whale pattern pdf by clicking on the link "figure knitting". Gull and frog pattern is "woven figure." On the webpage, right of frog photo, the last two links available are for pattern pdf downloads.

Direct link to whale pdf

Direct link to seagull and frog pdf

I picked out this whale to do for the weloveamigurumi  November ami-along "under the sea". I rummaged through my yarn stash, but none of the colored yarns seemed right. I picked out this off-white, or natural, cotton by Lily Sugar n Cream. It is very minimalist-looking, this whale, but I like it.


I did not join rounds or start rounds with a chain stitch, as shown in the chart. Also, I skipped the last round for the 2 fins. I put in black safety eyes and glued a piece of light gray yarn with FabriTac as the mouth. The tail has a little bit of stuffing in it.


Once I finished the whale, it was looking a bit like it needed a friend. I made the seagull, pattern from the same website, with white crochet thread, gray-blue embroidery floss and size 8 steel hook. This is my first amigurumi in thread crochet.


Opted not to do the frog from the same pattern set,  because it looks hysterical and psychotic. And I've never heard of a sea-frog.

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