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I started a Ravelry group: Hall of Shame

Yep, like I'm not busy enough. I have a bunch of things I made but never wear, and I was betting that other people did too, so I started this humor group. I've posted a couple of embarrassing projects, and started a few topics. Hope it will take off and be fun. Or it could totally fall flat on its face. No banner or icon yet cuz I don't know 'bout that stuff. Looking for moderators, too.

EDIT 11/7: The comm is on, not on my blog, just in case ya weren't clear!

Here's the description:

Expose embarassing projects, disasters & secrets...and have a giggle.

Friend, are you ashamed or embarrassed of:

  • a project that you made, thinking it was awesome at the time, but are now too embarassed to show/wear in public?
  • a yarn in your stash or your yarn stash?
  • a project that went awry?
  • a book or pattern in your collection?
  • an enormous ufo pile?
  • anything related to fiber!

Purge yourself of the shame! Share photos of your shameful items, tell us your sob stories, educate others with the hard won bitter lessons you have learned, and hopefully, cheer up and have a good laugh. Feel free to share links to You Knit What?- type patterns as well!

Potential examples: mismatched items (like two left mittens), accidental shrinking, knitting in an inappropriate situation, wrong color/gauge/size/yarn, pattern/chart error and misreading, running out of yarn, dyeing mishaps, frogging disasters, love of fun fur, my dog ate my yarn.

Tags: crochet, knitting, ravelry
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