May 9th, 2010


okonomiyaki - cook what you like!

Thanks everybody for reading about the Japan trip. It's slower going describing cos every day was chock full of activity! After a full day of fish market, Senso-ji temple, and Akihibara, it's time to try a new cuisine. I thought of Japanese food as sushi, sashimi, udon, soba and miso soup. So I was surprised to try something different. 

For dinner, we had okonomiyaki, which means 'cook what you like'. The little restaurant has tables with an iron hotplate built into the center. Each person orders the combination of ingredients you want, and it is delivered in a bowl to you at table. You mix the ingredients in the bowl, blending cabbage and batter. And when it is all mixed well, you place it on the hotplate, shaping it to be round like a pancake.
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a visit with tinyTen

 We interrupted our regular program of noodling around Japan to bring you a slideshow! (Hope this works.)

After many months of traveling around the Earth, tinyTen stopped over on his Traveling Timelord Passalong journey to say, "Hallo!"

We visited Stanford University, downtown Palo Alto, Google (very briefly), San Mateo, Redwood City SnB, Stanford Dish, and the Exploratorium in San Francisco for an official handoff to tigereye, from Who Knits on

Special thanks to PinkPorcupine for organizing this amazing adventure, gumboots (my swap pardner) for the yum-a-licious goodies, and to ChrisFixedKitty for a special photography trip on the campus.