January 1st, 2009


favorite papercraft themes: playsets

Kidlets sitting around at home during the holidays? This might provide some winter entertainment for an hour - or a few minutes, depending on patience and assistance.

Storytime Theatres

Three Little Pigs story theatre and Little Riding Hood story theatre
With paper doll characters and scenery backgrounds to change. The box theatre closes its doors to form a storage box for the pieces. Cute illustrations. The story is on the webpage but not printed on the downloadable pattern. Canon Creative Park

Bremen Town Musicians, Three Little Pigs, The Three Bears, Hansel and Gretel
These playsets come with scenery backgrounds printed on a cube that you can turn, and also store pieces in. Includes cute 3-D paper characters and props like furniture from the stories. At Satsatoka site. Scroll to section Story Box mid way down the page.

Cinderella theatre
Old fashioned paper theatre ready to color and cut out. Comes with script, characters, backdrops.

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Doctor Cuddles is in

Here's a well-overdue update on some of the squooshy Who creations that crocheters made in the last year from the patterns. Just want to snuggle them to bits.* I hope that making them brought a smile to your face. :)

PrincessDelirium's NineTen, Blue Suit Ten, and Four. Very handsome lads, all. 

PinkPorcupine's Two and Jamie in grayscale

tinylittleoracle's Nine and Rose. Awwwww.

justizzy2000's Boomtown Rose (with cute little hat) and 50's Rose

tallyj47v's Ten with overcoat and cool New Earth Rose (wip)

whistler421's Captain Jack...he's got suspenders and even a wrist thingy

cats-rockin-crochet Doctor for a doctor :)

blitheremarks Ten with overcoat, red chucks, and a "surprise" feature

isweedean's Ten

Kelayrel's cutie Ten

Eleanor22's cheery Ten

* Many years ago, I remember watching a cartoon series called Doctor Snuggles. The theme song was so catchy, I used to sing along with it. Ah, memories. Well, what do you know? There's an official Doctor Snuggles website now.