June 25th, 2008


Rose "Back to the 50's" doll

“Is there any other way to go, daddy-o?”

Yes, amigurumi chibi! Rose Tyler is finally done and I’ve written a crochet pattern for her.

This little crocheted doll is inspired by the character Rose Tyler, and her visit to the 1950’s in the Doctor Who episode The Idiot’s Lantern. We got to see Rose look unusually glamorous with a new hairdo, dangly pink earrings, pink sequined top, and a swingy full pink skirt and high pink pumps. Woo! Oh, and the Doctor had a crazy pompadour. :D

Rose amongst the flowers"Hiiiiii!"Rose - Back to the 50's - back
Rose - 50's hair backRose looking for trouble!Rose - 50's skirt & heels

Eventually I hope to figure out how to make this an downloadable PDF to include all the pictures. I'll add more in progress photos to the pattern also.

The most complicated parts designing her were: the shoes, the skirt, the hair, and the face. The hair seems always to be the trickiest part. Also, for the first time, I made jewelry! I put together little earrings for mini Rose. I think the embellishments really add to it.

If you make a doll, I’d love to hear about it.

<3 from chibiRose and Snuffykin

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