December 13th, 2007


People makin' toys

I am thrilled when people make toys from my patterns.  Little whimsies are out there in the world and making people smile. Toys have a life and personality of their own that other yarnie projects, like knitted and crocheted garments, do not have.

Here's ladymoony's Tenth Doctor Who. D'aww! He's all ready to be snuggled with. Squishy! :-D

And here is Jaye Jaye's Eel, made by her friend Debra. It assists her in the kitchen by keeping her cookbook open and is weighted with copper BBs. Very clever! Who knew that eels could have jobs? The colors really give Eel a distinct personality, too.

Thank you for sharing your photos!  I have so many more ideas for toy designs-- which are waiting patiently in sketches-- and hope to share more with you next year.
<3 snuffykin