December 10th, 2007


Lyra's earflap hat in the Golden Compass - knitting patterns

As I was watching the movie, the hat looked similar to one I'd seen in a book Handknit Holidays. Yup, it's similar all right, but doesn't have that big of seam up the back. Hat front. Hat back. Of the three free patterns here, Elf Cap looks most like the hat.

Earflap Cap in the pattern "Elf Caps" by Michelle Heyman, published in the book Handknit Holidays, and downloadable free from publisher.
The peak also bends toward the back of the head, like in the movie. The yarn is 1 skein of the huge Cascade Magnum as the main color, with another color as ties. Size 15 needles, 2 sts/1". There's also a variation called Pointy-Top Cap which is really pixie-like. Lots of sizes: pointy top (to fit 6-18 mos., 2-4 yrs, 4 yrs- adult sm, adult med-lg), earflap cap (to fit 2-4 yrs, 4 yrs-adult sm, adult med-lg).

Earflap Hat is free pattern at in a bulky yarn, 9sts/4".

Earflap Hats has same smaller gauge at 4.5sts/2" and is a free pattern at KnitScene website.

Ravelry photos links:

Edit 12/10/2007: More patterns!
Pixie Hat pattern in the book Knit Wit, edited by Amy Singer
An alternative Pointy Ribbed Pixie Hat , posted on LJ by


Edit 12/16/2007: Hat kit
Lorilee has a lovely hat kit, including yarn and pattern for $22.