December 9th, 2007


Japanese > English crochet hook information

I've been looking at a couple of crochet patterns that are in Japanese, from the Gosyo yarn company website. Their hooks have a different sizing system than US hook sizes. The first chart is a translation of recommended Japanese hooks for different weights of yarn. The second chart translates hook sizing in relation to US sizing.

Translated from Japanese Gosyo yarn company site.

Reference: ABCs of Japanese Knitting. The ABCs charts show translation of Japanese to English for yarn weights, fiber types, numerals, and knitting needle sizes. Very useful. Another useful site is, where you find a document for interpreting Japanese Knitting Patterns. Terms like gauge, times, rows, & stitches are interpreted, and there is a list of resources.


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Kaino vest finishing notes/trials

Kaino is a vest I knitted a couple of weeks ago, from a pattern by Norah Gaughan published in by Berroco in Vol. 1 N.G. book. These notes have been sitting on my computer's desktop for weeks annoying me, so I'm just going to post them now even though I haven't take a photo yet. Perhaps that the right motivation to get someone to take a picture of me wearing it. Sarah...? Heh, heh.

Previous post about Kaino.

The Good: Hooray, hooray! This vest is so chic. You could wear it with a white cotton cami, a funky tee, or a long sleeve turtleneck. I love separates. Finally, something I think I can wear as much as a coat.

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The Golden Compass - knitting!

I just came back from seeing the new movie The Golden Compass, and boy howdy there are a bunch of great knitted costumes. The standout piece is Lyra's garter stitch coat, in a rustic red variegated yarn that looks like a Noro concoction. I couldn't keep my eyes off the stitches. I wanted that coat! Another piece was Lyra's elf-like hat in bulky brown/white marled yarn, with ties that tie under the chin and a little peak in the top rear of the head.

A lot of the kids in the movie wore vests that were either knitted or woven, but those were very pretty as well. I haven't seen this much knitting in a movie since Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix.

Interview with the costume designer here.
And another interview here.

EDIT 12/16/07: New Golden Compass Knitting group at Ravelry. Yays!

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