December 7th, 2007

chibi kiss

Grass makes finals! in Mochimochi Land Photo Contest

No post. THANK YOU 4 rooting 4 lil Grass! She's in final vote thru this weekend at blog. <3 to you! & have nice weekend!

Added 4:36pm via library computer:
In case ya didn't know, my photo is "How Ninjabun Was Fooled". You can vote anonymously for your 4 favorite photos here. So many cute, funny, and artistic entries-- its hard to choose.

Intarsia contest winners at publishers blog

[posted via library computer... my house internetz is still not working]
So today my design got posted on the publisher's blog after a mad scramble yesterday. What happened was that my design was similar to a recent publication. Fortunately I was offered a chance to do a re-design to differentiate it from the other published one. It was accepted, but since it was late I was only able to submit a hand-drawing instead of a neat graph from a computer paint program. As you can see on the blog, it is the only hand drawn one!!

I plan to re-make it in a paint program. I'm finicky that way.

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