December 5th, 2007

animated totoros

Exciting news: design to be published in new book

A while back I blogged about entering an intarsia contest at Chronicle Books and guess what?! One of my designs was chosen as a winner to be published in a new knitting book! It will be announced at the publisher's blog tomorrow. I was literally jumping up and down this morning in the kitchen when I got the news. In case you don't know what intarsia is, it is creating a picture or graphic on the surface of knitted fabric. The knitter follows a graph paper-like chart which shows when to change yarn colors. The chart is similiar to a cross-stitch or needlepoint chart except that the width of each column is different from the height of each row - stitches are not perfect squares.

I was so worried about it after I submitted it, and thought my designs were too pedestrian, too expected. This one is a bit unusual in that I've never seen it done before. I was completely surprised. It's like a dream when someone picks you, and you can't quite believe it's true. I'm still partially expecting someone to tell me, you know, we've changed our minds and decided not to publish your design. I wonder how many other submissions were sent. :-/

This evening I suddenly got a brainstorm about how my garment design, which I submitted to Interweave yesterday, could be vastly improved to be more innovative looking. Alas, it is too late to change the submitted design. However, since I'm planning to make it anyway for myself, I can change in then. Again, I worry that the design is just too boring for the editors' sharp eyes. I'm a fretter, for sure. We shall see what happens...