December 4th, 2007


"Root for (snuffykin's) Grass!" in MochiMochiLand Photo Contest

Everybody! Help "root for Grass" in her carrot disguise at the MochiMochiLand Photo Contest!

"How Ninjabun Was Fooled" made it to semifinals --I'm so excited my hands tremble as I type. To make it to the finalist round, you've got to comment on the semifinalist announcement post right here with your picks for the finalists. Then the 10 finalists will be announced for voting at the end of the week. You can read the story of this photo by clicking here.

How Ninjabun was Fooled

There are so many beautiful, cute and funny entries, I find it hard to choose. I wish the sweater hadn't turned out sooo orange, but the camera I borrowed acts weird with oranges and reds.