December 3rd, 2007


Whew-- almost there

I got the Internetz working back at the house now. Whew, I am exhausted. I have been working furiously and intensely trying to design a garment for submission to a major knitting magazine. Everyday for the past week and a half - but it seems like a month. I pore through my reference and stitch pattern books. * I make swatch after swatch after swatch, repeat from * till Saturday. (heh, knitter humor) I must have made a dozen swatches at least, then pulled them out again. Poor wretched yarn! In the end I chose the FIRST swatch. *whack head* 

I found about the deadline coming up soon a bit late, and I also had committed myself to finishing some other projects first, so I didn't really get to it until late. I'm not so happy with the color choice I made for the swatches, so I hope they don't hold it too much against me. I didn't have time to search for the perfect color yarn online, so I picked up the only adequate skeins I could find at a LYS. Somewhat blindly, I have no idea how to present a submission since this is my first time, so I made up what I would like to see if I imagined myself a magazine editor. I could be totally off base. Oh well. Now I'm getting really scared about it. What if it is lousy and they keep me on file? If I ever submit again, they'll know that it was me. Argh.

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