November 19th, 2007


Making up intarsia patterns

I woke up late Sunday, and drove off to San Francisco, intending to check out the Contemporary Japanese Fashion exhibit at the Asian Art Museum. I got stuck in traffic on the freeway, then decided to turn around and head back home, since I was already too late to make it to the docent tour. On the way back, I popped into a LYS looking for some wool, but it didn't have the specific color shades I need for a project.

I spent the rest of the day and evening making up graphs of intarsia patterns. The easy way would be just to print out knitters graph paper, draw on it, then scan it in again to my computer using a borrowed scanner. But no, I had to do it the hard way. I opened up the graph pdfs generated from here in GIMP photo imaging software, then painstakingly filled in each little square with the paint bucket. I was doing this for like, 10 hours. So I don't recommend it.

Why would I do this? Chronicle Books is running an intarsia contest, five winners to be published in a new book. They asked for patterns that I would really do/use, and this is it. I submitted jpegs of my pattern graphs via email tonight. I'm afraid they aren't very original in concept or spectacular in design. *sigh* Even if they don't pick me, at least I have some designs that I will use someday.