October 29th, 2007



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Ah! I've borrowed a camera again and have been busily posting pictures at my Flickr account. This is Kukka, a tunic from the new Berocco Norah Gaughan No. 1 book. I finished it a few weeks ago, and of course it looks better on - but I don't have a person to photograph me. Maybe in future...

5 skeins Berocco Ultra Alpaca Light. The yarn has excellent yardage and is very reasonably priced. B/c I knit loosely, I made a size small and it ended up as medium, which is the right size for me. Garter stitch is tedious, but I like the simplicity of the lines. This is one of many versatile separates to be found in this wonderful book. I'm trying to never again make something so fancy I never wear it except special occasions. Give me plain knits (or crochet) that I can wear every day!

Felt me!

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This little bag I may have knitted almost 2 years ago! It was supposed to be felted but I could never get around to doing it. I love the colors so, and it will all change once it has shrunk. I just like looking at it.

Maybe it isn't really meant to be felted. Maybe it is just meant to be eye candy. After all, I don't really need another felted bag. Sometimes, projects don't turn out the way you planned, but good in a different way. I guess I can call you finished then, little stripey bag.

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