October 24th, 2007


Tardis in the making

dr who 002
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Shirley has posted a photo of her knitted Tenth Doctor doll at her blog Ramblings of a yarn junkie. Dey iz a poppin ups everywarez. EDIT: I should add that wonderful softie is not of my design. I just like to see that other people make dolls, too.

In other news, I have not returned to my regularly scheduled program of knitting and stitching. Instead I have to let this Doctor Who thing run its course. I've started a crocheted TARDIS that will be a huge 7"x13". It has to be that way to scale for the dolls. I admit that it it would look better knitted, but making 4 huge rectangles is so boring that I want to get it over with as quickly as possible. So crochet it is. I haven't decided if will have an opening door or not.

Here are some yarns that I've found that are good colors for a TARDIS. They are blues with a lot of gray in them. I picked Vanna's Choice acrylic b/c it was least expensive. It is rather shiny though. If I didn't care what I was spending, ideally I would do it in wool and felt/full it.

Meanwhile, I made the Master's head. He needs a couple more details and will be done. It is taking longer to finish it now that I am so distracted by the Ravelry and the Softie stuff. But it will be done. I have plans for him, yes indeed... Hopefully it will be surprising and amusing how it turns out.

Lion Brand Wool

Cadet Blue
Classic medium blue

Lion Brand Vanna's Choice

Colonial Blue
Medium to Brilliant Blue
Lion Brand Suede
(the closest to the color)

Soft, dusty faded blue.