October 15th, 2007


Ten is finished!

Last night I pushed myself to finish this ufo sitting about headless. Will be taking photos later and hopefully posting pattern today. Whew!

I'm not too happy about his face - it could be a lot cuter. And the yarn I picked for his hair is too dark. And somehow he looks Korean, what's that about?

Simm!Master's body is all done too. But knowing me it will be could be another week before he has a head. Will post a preview pic later.
bouncy ten

Tenth Doctor Who doll

This is the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) from the television series Doctor Who. He's the third crocheted doll is what is becoming accidentally a series. I made him for all the Ten fans out there. If you move your mouse over pic, there are captions

This little guy is inspired by chibi!Ten illustrations by whooligan  .

Rose!! Where are you? Mr. Adorable
Doctor Who on the forest moon Endor

Geroff. I was here first.

"What are YOU doing here?" "What are YOU doing here?"

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