September 29th, 2007


Rose Tyler Doll

Rose Tyler is a character in the BBC's television series, new Doctor Who. This doll, crocheted in vaguely amigurumi style, is companion to my Ninth Doctor doll.

Here's chibiRose in her outfit from the season one episode "Bad Wolf." With accesories, she is in her costume from episode "Boomtown."


For more photos, go to my Flickr page here.  I hope you enjoy looking at this doll/plushie/softie, and make your own. I would love to see pictures of your completed projects. Here are a couple of screencaps of her in Boomtown: one, two, three. And from Bad Wolf/Parting of Ways: one, two, three.

This is my second designed amigurumi. She is a little shorter than the Doctor, and has thinner legs b/c she is wearing tights. The shaping of the bust and jacket were the most difficult to design.  I did about 2 dozen prototypes to get it just right - I was obsessed. In the pictures, she is missing her tiny hoop earrings, eyebrows and braids, which I have to work on later. I was just impatient to get the pics posted. In future, I may post a tutorial on how to do the hair. Another thing you can add is magnets in the hands to make the dolls hold hands. Wouldn't that be cute?

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Tenth Doctor doll - work in progress

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Here's partially finished Doctor Who #10. To do: necktie, head and hair...and pinstripes? Hmm. Vertical stripes might look weird on horizontal crochet rows of jacket.

I haven't decided on the face. Should his face be embroidered like Rose and Nine, or should he have big felt circles for eyes, similar to jesidres' illustrations in whooligan? :-(.