September 28th, 2007


I meet Annie Modesitt

At 7pm Wednesday, I was fiddling around on my email at home, and got an email newsletter from Annie Modesitt with a link to her calendar. It said she was at Nine Rubies on the Sept 26. I looked up at my calendar at the top my screen - Sept 26. !!!!!! I drove 20 minutes to another town and showed up 2 hours late to the 3 hours workshop. I got the days mixed up. I had put this on my calendar 2 months ago!

Ahg, well. I finally got to meet Annie. (See previous post.)

After making profuse apologies and trying to be as invisible as possible, I squished myself onto a sofa in the yarn shop and started knitting away at a lace swatch. For some reason, after 15 minutes, I had gotten to the same length of swatch as the other students. I know I'm a fast knitter, and Ms. Modesitt was kind to tell me so, but I know I missed something. It just so happens I have no hard time reading graphs, and yes, I do knit pretty fast.  It doesn't make me a great knitter though - those are just skills. To be really good, you've got to be able to improvise.

Annie was very funny, a good storyteller and teacher. I was able follow everything she said, the first time she said it. I bought her book Romantic Knits and had it signed. At first glance, I was disappointed with the book. But when I heard her talk about it, I began to appreciate it more. I began to understand in the process of publishing, that the photos may not be showing the articles to the best advantage. I felt I really should give it another chance, especially I know that she creates fabulous things.

We learned some knitting tricks and Annie explained what makes lace patterns beautiful for her is not the eyelets, but the curving bias shapes from the increases/decreases. The swatch we made was an example of this point of view.

Two people in class complimented me on the "pretty color" of my yarn, which i just threw into my basket hurriedly with a fistful of needles. It is from Philosophers Wool, i've had it for a year in a half in my stash and don't know what to do with it. I just haven't got around to selling it - it is a kit of 11 pastel skeins. PASTEL, I said. Why did I spend $100 on pastel? What can I say, it was the frenzy of Stitches West.