September 24th, 2007


Amigurumi Bookmarks - making me insane

snuffykin's amigurumi bookmarks at

I started an insane project two days ago. I decided to start cataloguing internet bookmarks on amigurumi, that might be useful to to the weloveamigurumi group that I've been made newly maintainer of, or anyone looking for one place to find info, instead of googling all over the place. I like to think of it as Yahoo for amigurumi.

I used, even though the interface is very plain. I ended up tagging 262 web pages, each with multiple tags and usually with a description. Who the hell is going to use this? Probably no one. But I guess I have the satisfaction of a job well done? And I'm not even finished cataloging the patterns. There's too many. That's why it would be better to make the account communal, so that other people could add links to it. The only way to do that would be to give other people the password, but as long as it is just a few people, I guess I don't mind. I just need volunteers.

So if anyone is out there looking at this here are the bookmarks: I've posted a link on the userprofile for weloveamigurumi and in my blog sidebar. 

By default, both free and for sale patterns appear.

For people looking for JUST free patterns, first click freepatterns in the sidebar. A second sidebar appears with a list of tags for the freepatterns. Let's say you want to look for just doll free patterns. DO NOT click dolls.Instead, click the + symbol to the left of dolls. That will allow you to see JUST free doll patterns.

Maybe someone will find it useful. Who knows.