September 10th, 2007

hello nine

Ninth Doctor Who Doll

Finally done! Yes, it's Christopher Eccleston as the 9th Doctor Who from the BBC television series (2005). This doll, crocheted in vaguely amigurumi style, was inspired by the drawings of chibi Doctors at[info]whooligan and the fan comic whenthedocsmeet . That accounts for his sorta out-of-proportion features and cuteness.

coatfront frontdetail

For more (ahem, amazing detailed) photos, go to my Flickr page here.  I hope you enjoy looking at this doll/plushie/softie, and make your own. I would love to see pictures of your completed projects.

This is the first time I ever designed a amigurumi, after following a few patterns which were far simpler. In order of difficulty, the shaping of the legs, head, and coat were very trying to design. Much trial, much error. Added note - My only regret is that I could not incorporate Mr. Eccleston's lovely nose.

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