September 4th, 2007


Start a new amigurumi comm?

Much as I love reading the posts on

weloveamigurumi, I am extremely annoyed with the disorganization. The lack of tagging and searchability by LJseek makes the organizer in me batty.

I've tried posting on the board asking for the mod's attention and she didn't reply.

I've tried emailing the address on her blog and she didn't reply.

So I'm thinking, how hard can it be to start my own comm and organize it nice and tidy? Tag tutorials, patterns, in progress, technique questions, book reviews... on and on! Answer is, it isn't hard.

The hard part is...what will the current weloveamigurumi peeps think? Will they be uninterested and ignore me? Will they think it is disloyal to the comm owner and members?

What the heck should the new comm be called? 

Very interested to read your comments and suggestions!

UPDATE 8/5/07: Superminx has offered to try to contact Melissa, the moderator. Thank you everyone for responding! I had another thought - a comm to compliment the other, that primarily educational with newbie info help, daily/weekly news, challenges.

UPDATE 8/6/07: Here are some comm account name ideas: amigurumifun, amigurumijoy, superamigurumi. I think they reflect some of the oddness you see on Japanese products that use English words. Do YOU have a suggestion? It has to be short so peeps can remember...

UPDATE 8/8/07: ohsewpretty the comm maintainer contacted me! I wrote her back explaining my ideas.
Link to post about changes to community

Link to post about new community


Link to KnitWiki

I talked about this to a co-worker a few years ago as something I wanted to create. I described it as a Yahoo for knitters, where things were organized in categories.

As if Ravelry wasn't enough. Weren't they planning a wiki, too?

Oh I could waste sooo much time there.