August 5th, 2007


New knit pattern books

Eee! I was a bad bad girl with my cash yesterday. I discovered these pattern books online and nearly immediately succumbed to temptation and bought both at Yarn Market. N/A on Ebay or These patterns are entirely new and not re-published from previous books.

Berrocco Patterns - Norah Gaughan Volume 1: "Eleanor's Search" & "Urban Layers"

22 patterns. 10 are accessories, 2 are wraps, remaining are sweaters, dresses, and skirts. Norah is well-known for her unusual knitted shapes throughout the book Knitting Nature and frequently spotted in major knitting magazines like Interweave Knits and Vogue Knitting.

Why I'm buying it:  Yes, it's mostly accessories, and rather simple looking. But the photos are so darn gorgeous and lately I've been into wabi-sabi, I have a lot of extra skeins laying about, and I would actually wear all of these!  I can't say that for most pattern books. Also, since I'm into embroidery now I can embellish things I find plain. Jyri, Kukka, Jatta & Kaari and calling to me.

Tahki Stacy Charles, Inc.  Patterns - Loop-d-Loop by Teva Durham Volume 1
15 patterns. 5 are accessories, rest are sweaters, coat, dress, skirt, wraps. Teva's work is also frequently seen in magazines and she has two books: Loop-d-Loop (knitting) and Loop-d-Loop Crochet.  I loved the first book, having been a fan of her designs prior. The crochet book was a bit of a let down. Although the dress I remember as a stand-out, there were fewer designs and even fewer that I would find wearable. I don't like to wear things that are so stand-out that I'm obliviated. I want the piece to compliment me, not to wear me as an an afterthought. This book renews my faith! I was wondering what she was doing since her website has been non-functional for months.

Why I'm buying it: Allright, I know these pieces aren't as wearable for me like Norah's. The sweaters seem to be designed for models in their 20's with thin arms, and I don't fit into those categories. But they have her signature style that I admire:  fashionable, playful, inventive, and not too outrageous. I want to show my support for Teva and want her to keep designing more. Even if I don't think I may knit any of these, I find the ideas very inspiring for my own attempts at design. Sweater I might make: Peasant blouse as a vest, without the cables on arms that call attention to my thick-ish arms.

Ok, damage: $29.65 + shipping $6.49 (yikes!) = $ 36.14 = 37 new patterns. That's not too bad considering I estimate the retail price of a hardcover book by a popular designer would be around $35 before tax, with around 40 patterns. Yes, that's me justifying outrageousness of it all. And I get the fun of dangling it in front of my knitter friends...Lookee what I have, wanna see?"

Annie Modesitt @ Nine Rubies

Eee! This was recently posted to the Nine Rubies blog: Annie Modesitt will be coming for a book signing and 2 workshops. This is where I'm gonna be, since I cannot afford to go to Annie's wonderful knitting retreat in France in early Sept.

Favorite Annie projects:
Red Carpet Convertible Corset
Corset Tank Top
Butter and Jam Cardigan
Backyard Leaves Scarf from the book Scarf Style
Circular Cocoon Sweater/Twisted Float Circular Shrug from VK Fall 2005
Lacy Leaf Cocoon from Interweave Crochet Spring 2006
Fiestaware Set from IK Summer 2004
Morris Fern Color Cardigan from IK Winter 2003/4 Subscriber Only Content Website
Yo Yo Yoke IK Fall 2004

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