July 20th, 2007


Dragon embroidered jacket WIP

I was given this denim jacket many years ago at work as a team "thank you gift" and don't wear it. So I decided it would be my 2nd embroidery project (I can be very ambitious).  I was working on it earlier in the month. The dragon eye will be in gold metallic thread, and I will also add 2-3 stylized cloud puffs.

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Puppy bag for Sarah

This is a prezzie for Sarah at Bella Knitting. I have a cold and stayed at home all day yesterday and today. So I'm working on UFOs like this one. It just needed some ends woven in.

It is a synthesis project. The strap is cartridge rib from the backgammon set in Weekend Knitting, by Melanie Falick. The front flap is also from the same pattern.The puppy dogs are a mosaic knitting pattern from Mosaic Knitting, by Barbara Walker. Yarn is Lion Brand Cotton Ease.

It is meant to be a stroller bag for dragging baby's things in.


Crochet tunic dress

While recuperating from my cold, I've been able to be awake from time to time in order to finish some of the dozen UFOs I found while recently sorting my yarn stash.

Project: Crochet Tunic Dress
Pattern: Free with registration at LionBrand.com. See preview picture here.

Note: this is not a very good photo. This tunic dress may not look like much on the hanger, but it is actually very cute and trendy when worn. Especially the circle pockets. There is some decreasing at the waist, so you're not wearing a bag. The "hem" falls somewhere halfway between hipbone and knee on me.

At first I was thinking I'd stitch some pink flower and bright green embellishments, but it really doesn't need it.  It is a low stress project mainly in treble crochet, so it works up quickly and you don't have to memorize a stitch pattern. Make in wool for winter, and wear over t-shirt, jeans, and boots/Converse high tops.