June 25th, 2007


Doctor Who amigurumi

The last two days I've made good progress on the Ninth Doctor chibi amigurumi doll. This project combines my interests in crochet, Christopher Eccleston, chibi and amigurumi. Yes, it CAN be done! I searched around for a while to see if anyone else had made such a thing, and surprisingly, none existed that I could find.

1) The most difficult part was so far was shaping the boots, which are what I started with. Continued crocheting a spiral upward for the leg, then made another boot/leg.
2) Next part was the torso, in 3 colors-- black for trousers and belt, maroon for jumper, and cream for the bit of neck shown in the V.
3) Made a hand in cream color, then continued upward for sleeve in maroon. Made another hand/arm.
4) Made the head in cream, slightly wider than torso. Will stitch in features later with thread.

To do:
5) Crochet black jacket sleeves, 2 front sides and 1 back side. Embroider or crochet lapels, back belt, pockets.
6) Hair. Hmm. I'm thinking of crocheting a "cap" to sew over the head in furry black yarn. Then trim it to mimic cropped hair.
7) Stitch in facial features. Still not sure if I will go with the usual big-eyed chibi eyes or tiny, amigurumi-typical eyes. How to stitch a smirk? Will he have a nose or not?
8) To do: little ears?

I stitched - imperfectly- the legs onto the torso today, and both arms. He's wobbly, but cute, so far.