June 17th, 2007


Tudor Secret Garden Tour

Terrible headache today and it's hot outside, muggy indoors.

Last night I was bopping around the Web, and I visited the Tasha Tudor and Family Website. Right away there was a notice that there were 3 spots left in the Secret Garden tour next weekend!  I would love love love to go. But alas, plane fares are $460 + car + hotel. And I don't know that I could stay more than a weekend, which would be said cos I'd love to ramble around CT, VT, and MA. But I can dream, can't I. *sigh*. Did I mention that there's only 4 tours a year.. A YEAR!!!

These are the books I have that are TT related. They are all great, and highly recommended to anyone interested in crafts. I mean, this lady went all the way. She's living in 1830 everyday. I wish I had a pinafore and 5 corgis. :-)

The Private World of Tashs Tudor (my 2nd favorite)
The Tasha Tudor Cookbook
Tasha Tudor's Heirloom Garden
Tasha Tudor's Dollhouse (my favorite)
Corgiville Fair
Drawn from New England
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