May 22nd, 2007


Maker Faire

Last weekend I attended the Maker Faire. Wish I'd gone for both days! Two of my favorite spots were the Swap O Rama Rama room and the Bizarre Bazaar. I made a bracelet out of misc. pieces and got a wire armature for that giraffe sculpture I've always wanted to make from a nice fella, who is a preschool teacher.

I'd been thinking about it for a while to learn to sew. Sewing is one of the merit badges in the book YOU CAN DO IT! The Merit Badge Handbook for Grown-Up Girls. So yesterday I signed up for a basic lession at Stitch in San Francisco.  The owner's wrote the recently published Sew Subversive. Am I ready to get stitchy?

In other news - I finished crocheting a baby stroller blanket and hat last night. Very simple, very easy, all double crochet in 3 colors: light yellow, dark orange, and violet/blue. Oddly, it looks like red, white, and blue. This is for a knitting friend who gave birth to a little girl baby last week.

Lately I've lost my taste for knitting, other than a scarf of recycled sari silk. I've been crocheting motifs out of kitchen cotton for no reason. Feel uninspired in the knitting arena right now.