March 20th, 2007


Jumper of Doom - Completed?

All last week I was working on this dark brown acrylic/wool crocheted jumper dress. It was inspired by a pattern booklet from the 1970's and a modern jumper dress for sale at Urban Outfitters.

I was miserable over it. I ripped it out time and time again. Hips were too narrow, go up a size! Hips are too big, go back to original size. Dress is too short - add 6 row repeat! Now dress is too long - rip out 6 row repeat.

The worst part was the top bodice. I had a strip of ribbing knitted on horizontally over the top edge, front and back, but not the armholes. Then I knitted on a strip of ribbing vertically onto the horizontal edge of the first strip, all around the armhole, and over the shoulder as a strap. Strap is too long - pull out rows. Strap is still too long - pull out yet more rows. Oh, and wait a sec, it is FLARING at the armhole because its a curve, not a straight line!

So I pull out the strap/armhole edging. I reknit it on, doing a mitered corner on both corners of the armhole. This time there is no flare... BUT...

I mentioned I knitted a vertical strip onto the horizontal band going across the bust? Well, as the h-band is k1p1 ribbing, it stretches upward where its pulled by the shoulder strap creating a curvy scoop like neck, which is all good until you see that it looks a terrible hodgepodge next to the very square, very angular mitered corners under the armpit. Ugh. Bejillies.

Ok now I gave up. Ripped top of bodice out, all my carefully knitted on ribbing. And I crocheted the straps, trying to do a curvy scoop in the front but just looking like someone dropped two bricks of crochet over my shoulders.

And then I present this to my companion knitters in knitting group. Of course they are underwhelmed. Not one of them says its cute. Crap!!

Oh, in case anyone out there is wondering - why the heck didn't I just buy the jumper at Urban Outfitters? It was being sold online, and I didn't know if it would fit me. I figure a lot of their clothes are made for teenagers or waify college agers. So just because it says it's a large doesn't mean an adult woman's large, ya knows.

As therapy, I've started a brainless pullover -- possibly jacket-- out of fuschia mercerized cotton ribbon from Art Fibers. It is so mind numbingly easy, yet I'm still worried that it will turn out ugly ugly ugly. I still think of remaking that jumper, only longer, and with a different bodice top....