March 10th, 2007


Completed Snowflake Vest

Last night I knit the neckline ribbing and armhole ribbing for the Snowflake Vest. The yarn is Cascade's Ecological Wool in two colors and the stitch motif is from the book Knitting in the Old Way by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts. It fits PERFECTLY. The pattern is my own.


Obsessions o' the past week

1. Aprons and pinafores (and what yarn would make the best apron/pinafore...)
2. Knitter's charm bracelets.
3. Baby dolls (still)
4. Cinequest film festival movies
5. Itchy scalp
6. Finishing knitting projects: Snowflake vest, Fair Isle Jazz scarf, Seva vest

Finished the Snowflake vest and I just have to do a little sewing up on the scarf before it is done. As for the aprons, I became even more obsessed when I saw a knitted apron in the spring issue of Interweave Knits. It is called Angela's Apron and is done in the beautiful but very pricey Colinette Wigwam. Not only is this yarn from Wales, it is hand-dyed. $$$$!

This week I found a baby doll on my fourth try that was not scary looking. It is from Fisher Price and is not really to life-size, but the other ones were too frightening to me contemplate touching.

Today I went over to the LYS Nine Rubies and purchases--- gasp!-- acrylic yarn for the crocheted jumper I am going to make. It is dark brown Plymouth Encore, which I used in large amounts 3 years ago to make a coat/poncho. I think this really is the best choice all around. It is the right color and weight (not heavy like cotton). It is not too warm or itchy like wool would be, so fine to wear all seasons. It is also machine washable, though I don't really intend to wash it that way. Lastly, the price is right. Minimal.

Another yarn I would consider for the this project would be a synthetic ribbon. Berocco Suede would look appropriately 60's hippy, especially with added fringe.