February 16th, 2007


Punk dolls

I used to collect dolls for their elaborate costumes. This one I discovered yesterday is screaming for me to buy it. Vinyl pants,  union Jack tee, big clunky boots? Even when I was in my 20s I wouldn't dare. Dolls can wear the things we dream about wearing but never will. *sigh*

Bratz Pretty N' Punk Jade

Check out the plaid pants, fishnet and vinyl bustier on Bratz Pretty N' Punk Meygan.
Her little yellow raincoat is adorable.

OMG and what design genius thought it would be a good idea to give a mainstream doll a mohawk? Checkout Bratz London Punkz Eitan
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Wavy Scarf - Completed!

I wove in the yarn ends of this scarf and it is finally complete! I used 3 balls of Rowan Baby (Rowan Soft Baby?). The pattern is from Knitty.com and is called "Wavy." Ta-da!  The scarf is unblocked in this photo. I'm not much for blocking and finishing unfortunately, which some say is the most important part of the process. Oh wells. I'll block it someday.