February 10th, 2007


Fair Isle Jazz 75% done, Dibs on Ribs 90% done!

Today I sat through at least 2 old movies on tv. I can't even remember what the first one was. Anyway I finally finished the raspberry cables section of the Fair Isle Jazz scarf. I feel very accomplished, since the darn thing must have been lying unfinished at least a year. I am trying to finish as many incomplete projects as I can before the mighty Stitches West in Santa Clara at the end of the month.

I finished the Dibs on Ribs sweater about a week ago. Pattern by Colleen Davis and published in Interweave Knits in their magazine. If you are subscriber, the monthly secret password will give you access to patterns just for subscribers, including the Dibs on Ribs pattern. It hasn't been blocked yet!!! The yarn is Noro Kureyon.

Front of sweater:

Back of sweater: