Tracy (snuffykin) wrote,

happy holiday!

Happy holiday to lovely people on LJ.

Hi especially to faunhaert who is still reading me <<hugs>> when I am here and there.

I got a present for myself last week that I am currently besotted over so I guess that's my new hobby. I got a re-furbished Nook Color (a gadget for reading digital books) from B&N online and I'm dual booting it from both the B&N software and CyanogenMod7 on an memory card. Both software are based on Google Android.

It didn't work perfectly at first-- I set it up by following various tutorials on the internet, but I'm working on it making it better. The cool thing about it is I can run apps (mini applications) from Android Market and Amazon Android Store, read my Kindle, Nook, Google eBooks, and digital local library books on the CM7 setup. I can watch streaming video and .avi files. Most importantly, I now I can really keep with reading stuff on the web and hopefully email with the Nook Color, which I haven't been able keep up with. (I'm looking at pc monitor all day, so I don't want to look any more in my free time!)

The few enhanced books I've seen on the B&N setup look great and Nook apps run well on it. I prefer reading ebooks in B&N setup but prefer web browsing on the CM7 side. Oh, and on Fridays, the online store offers a free Nook book. Today only, B&N has a big Christmas activities Nook book for free. And also today only, Amazon Android store is offering A Charlie Brown Christmas app for free. I just bought it a couple days ago, it is very cute.

Enough geekery for now. Or is that nerdery?

P.S. Hugo in 3D is fantastic. I want to see it again.

P.S.S. The first book I read on the Nook was Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, checked out from the library. :)

Tags: toys

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