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Hey, hallo. Yes, I've been away, and on vacation too. And while I was away I got some exciting news. A producer from the BBC program The Graham Norton Show contacted me via LJ to talk about showing Doctor Who dolls on the show. One of the show's guests would be Billie Piper!

Well, timing was a bit off for me. I received the message a few days later while taking shelter in a karaoke bar on a windy, rainy night, on a tiny island -- Ojika, Japan. They had a pc for internet access -- first I'd seen in days -- that was so slow, I'd type a letter and wait 30 seconds for it to appear onscreen. Yes, thaaat sloow. Too late to respond, and even if I had been, the dolls were in the US snugged up in my room somewhere.

I sent a brief message back (typing sloowly) and another one when I got back home a week later. The show already was recorded and broadcast by then.

So, near miss, almost bein' famous... at least the dolls. That would have been really neat, to give Billie Piper a doll of herself, hee hee.


STILL recovering from jet lag and a cold I got halfway through the trip. I'll be posting pics over the next couple weeks, you yer gonna be pic spammed, flist. Heh heh.

Missed y'all. <3
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