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composition book coverlet pattern

composition book throw

Composition Book Coverlet
by Snuffykin
Difficulty: Easy

One evening, at knitting group at Arlette's, I was making a big sock monkey from a marled brown/ecru yarn. I got the idea then to make a big composition book cover by combining white and black yarns to get that splotchy look.

I like to use composition books for writing journals, so I imagine this would be a gift for a writer. The ladies at Redwood City SnB suggested this would be good gift for a college student for dorm, or a teacher. Jorge says it looks like a lab notebook. I guess you could give it to your favorite lab researcher, too.

Finished size 48" width x 60.5" length .
Size is based on the width:height of a 7.5" X 9.5 " composition book. 

Yarn: Caron One Pound [acrylic, 826 yds per 16 oz skein]; Black 503 - 2 skeins, White 501 - 2 skeins
Size Q crochet hook
Yarn needle
Gauge: 4 dc = 4" in double crochet

ch     chain
dc     double crochet (UK: treble crochet)
st(s) stitch(es)

TIP: Work using strand from 3 separate skeins.

Holding THREE strands of yarn together (2 Black & 1 White), ch 44 loosely.
Row 1: Skip 3 ch, dc 41, turn.
Rows 2-22: Ch 3 (counts as first dc), dc 41, turn.

The next 11 rows are the Book Label, and the B&W areas along the sides of the label.
Rows 23-33: Ch 3, dc 7, turn.
Fasten off.

Hold 3 strands of White together.
Row 23: Skip the first 8 B&W sts, attach White to 9th st. In same st, ch 3 (counts as 1 dc). Dc 25, turn.
Rows 24-33: Ch 3, dc 25, turn.
Fasten off.

Hold 3 strands of yarn together (1 white + 2 black).
Row 23: Skip the first 8 B&W sts, skip 26 white sts, attach yarn to 35th st. In same st, ch 3 (counts as 1 dc). Dc 7, turn.
Rows 24-33: Ch 3, dc 7, turn.

In the next row, the 3 parts will be joined by crocheting across row 33.
Row 34-44: Ch 3, dc 41, turn.
Fasten off.

Sew sides of book label to B&W sides.

Turn piece lengthwise facing you. Work dc over the posts of the edge sts along the length of the piece.
Hold 3 strands of Black together. Attach yarn to corner.
Row 1:  Ch 3 (counts as once dc), *dc 2 over post of edge st, dc 1 over post of next edge st. Continue to repeat from * along side of piece to next corner. 66 dc total.
Rows 4-6: Ch 3, dc 65, turn.
Fasten off.
Weave in yarn tails.


composition book throw
Tags: crochet, patterns

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