Tracy (snuffykin) wrote,

the police box hat

Hey kiddies. So I've been working on this off and on for over a year, and it was only the oncoming of tardis_day  that got me to finish this project. Also I had this image in my mind of families wearing these funny hats and settling down on the sofa together to watch Doctor Who.  

Click here to go to the pdf pattern for this hat.  It's a tam pattern written in a couple of sizes. There's a chart for the words that can be duplicate stitched, satin stitched, or cross stitched. The pictures below are cross stitched. A crochet version will be coming along too. I hope it cheers you and let me know if you make one. I dare you to wear it in public. 

Thanks to: tigereye, contrarier, russiamoore,

Took these pictures in a rush -- maybe get some better ones up sometime. 

police-public call-


 p.s. If you'd like to donate moneys, I put a lil Donate button in the sidebar of my journal. Much appreciated. 
or donate to Children in Need at Cheers.
Tags: doctor who, knitting, patterns

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