Tracy (snuffykin) wrote,

paper cube video

I made this for J over Christmas. He enjoys working on mathematics problems for fun, so I thought he would enjoy playing with this cube while pondering. The cube is a pdf download from Satsatoku here.

cube toy

Here's a video I took of J playing with the cube, opening and closing it. You can see it starts out with 6 designs on the 6 sides. After you turn it "inside out" there are another 6 designs that appear on the outer surface. I shot it using my little Canon digital camera without audio. This is the first time I've tried to embed a video from Flickr, so I hope this works. Also, I didn't downgrade the quality but I could try doing that for faster stream. You can watch it here, also.

ETA: 1/12/09 I've uploaded a smaller file size of the video so it should load faster. If this doesn't work, somebody let me know? Thx.

Tags: papercraft, video

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