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favorite papercraft themes: playsets

Kidlets sitting around at home during the holidays? This might provide some winter entertainment for an hour - or a few minutes, depending on patience and assistance.

Storytime Theatres

Three Little Pigs story theatre and Little Riding Hood story theatre
With paper doll characters and scenery backgrounds to change. The box theatre closes its doors to form a storage box for the pieces. Cute illustrations. The story is on the webpage but not printed on the downloadable pattern. Canon Creative Park

Bremen Town Musicians, Three Little Pigs, The Three Bears, Hansel and Gretel
These playsets come with scenery backgrounds printed on a cube that you can turn, and also store pieces in. Includes cute 3-D paper characters and props like furniture from the stories. At Satsatoka site. Scroll to section Story Box mid way down the page.

Cinderella theatre
Old fashioned paper theatre ready to color and cut out. Comes with script, characters, backdrops.


Comes with two sets: an animal shelter with standup wall, and outdoor doghouse.
Accessories include a sheet of "newspaper", food bowl, take home box, and bone. Four cute puppies. At Paper Museum.

Lex and Mark
Each month, a different set of costumes on characters Lex and Mark, plus accessories and a seasonal theme papertoy. Here's the link for December. Also, there is a race car adventure playset and biplane adventure playset (click arrows to follow the "story).

Pepe & Lulu PaperCraft 
Bright, simple graphics on Pentel's kids crafts website.  Mobile, toy houses and buildings, a puppet theater, a snow-game, A "two story" house within a mushroom with paper dolls, simple train, air balloon, and more.

Aquatic creatures
Playmat is a printed ocean, pool, rocks and beach. Lots of cutsie illustrated animals (not to scale) including hermit crab, flounder, octopus, whale, flying fish. Paper Museum.

Environment dollhouse
A four room pop-up house that folds flat into a square book. Comes with girl and character. The instructions are well illustrated. This was a fun project to make. Konica Minolta.

Circus playset
Clown character with tree, tent, and dog. Clown in car. At Pierrot Kids website. 

Sumo playsets
There a lot of these paper sumo playsets around. Kid vs dinosaur, wrestler vs wrestler. This one is pig and cow. You tap your side to make the platform move.

Shinkansen train set
This a character from Sanrio. 12 different simple trains and environment items like sheep, windmill, station, track, flowers and others.

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