Comics crossover: Star Trek Next Generation + Doctor Who

Yeh. You got it.

So funny. 11th Doctor, Amy, and Rory finally meet the crew of the Enterprise in the latest issue (#3) of this limited series Assimilation2 by comics publisher IDW. The main storylines are in unusual watercolor-like panels. And there's a stylized flash back to Star Trek (original series). Aaaa. I can just picture what a time the creators must have had thinking up what would be the funniest situations and interactions so that fans would just mutter "Classic!" over and over to themselves reading this. Not that the storyline itself is comedic, mind you. You see there are BORG and CYBERMEN. !

Omg. The "cliffhanger". I squeed (silently) and now waiting for next issue.

Recommend *****!!! It's a collectible before it even hits the stands.


happy holiday!

Happy holiday to lovely people on LJ.

Hi especially to faunhaert who is still reading me <<hugs>> when I am here and there.

I got a present for myself last week that I am currently besotted over so I guess that's my new hobby. I got a re-furbished Nook Color (a gadget for reading digital books) from B&N online and I'm dual booting it from both the B&N software and CyanogenMod7 on an memory card. Both software are based on Google Android.

It didn't work perfectly at first-- I set it up by following various tutorials on the internet, but I'm working on it making it better. The cool thing about it is I can run apps (mini applications) from Android Market and Amazon Android Store, read my Kindle, Nook, Google eBooks, and digital local library books on the CM7 setup. I can watch streaming video and .avi files. Most importantly, I now I can really keep with reading stuff on the web and hopefully email with the Nook Color, which I haven't been able keep up with. (I'm looking at pc monitor all day, so I don't want to look any more in my free time!)

The few enhanced books I've seen on the B&N setup look great and Nook apps run well on it. I prefer reading ebooks in B&N setup but prefer web browsing on the CM7 side. Oh, and on Fridays, the online store offers a free Nook book. Today only, B&N has a big Christmas activities Nook book for free. And also today only, Amazon Android store is offering A Charlie Brown Christmas app for free. I just bought it a couple days ago, it is very cute.

Enough geekery for now. Or is that nerdery?

P.S. Hugo in 3D is fantastic. I want to see it again.

P.S.S. The first book I read on the Nook was Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, checked out from the library. :)


Bridge School Benefit concert

Yesterday, there was a concert to benefit the Bridge School, and organization that educates children with severe speech and physical impairments.  I'm going to today's concert. Today only, you can view the Saturday concert in this post below. It's 8 hours long! Also, this Monday a 25th Anniversary of the concert 3-DVD set, 2-CD set, and 40 songs on ITunes will be released.

Neil Young
Dave Matthews
Arcade Fire
Foo Fighters (Sunday only)
Eddie Vedder
Los Invisibles, featuring Carlos Santana, Cindy Blackman Santana & Guests
Mumford & Sons
Tony Bennett (Sunday only)
Devendra Banhart
Norah Jones with The Little Willies
Jimmy Fallon (MC Saturday only)

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my bookmarks are offline ):

Today, was re-launched and my bookmarks were migrated to a new system. Basically, you can't find anything anymore and neither can I.

As a result of migration, the 2600+ website links on amigurumi, knitting, crochet, and papertoys are no longer in categories and all tags were stripped away. Also each link was made private and all my subscriptions are gone.

I have emailed AVOS about the migration problem. I spent months categorizing those links, so I will be disappointed to see them gone. Why did I not make a backup?

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animated kodama


In this stop motion animation video, Japanese cat Komachan makes 2 dolls then she makes her own stop motion animation video of them. Adorable. If you know how to crochet from Japanese pattern charts, you can crochet her and her two dolls from the patterns at

There are more vids of Komaneko/Komachan on YouTube if you look for them.